Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Whilst I appreciate I’m probably not on the strongest of ground this week after firing off my angry man train letter, I do wish all those people jumping on the Russell Brand (pictured) and Jonathan Ross bandwagon would kindly get off and do something more useful with their existence.

The latest tag I’ve heard attached to the “scandal” is – get this – “Manuelgate.” This sort of thing does my head in.

Right, here’s how I see it.

These two individuals left three clearly inappropriate messages on Andrew Sachs’ answer machine. It was a silly idea, it was wrong and, much worse in my book, it wasn’t particularly funny.

So they get a slap and we move on? Hell no.

We now have to go through a charade where columnists, politicians, BBC managers, more politicians, BBC haters, a few more politicians, hangers-one and then even more politicians try to outdo each other in how outraged they are about the whole episode.

Meanwhile, Andrew Sachs – who does deserve some sympathy – provides a running commentary on whether or not Jonathan Ross’s flowers have arrived and his supposedly saintly grand-daughter begins her dig for gold by selling her “story” to The Sun. (Keep an eye out whilst this decision backfires on her in the days and weeks ahead).

You would obviously expect media types to have a field day with all of this and they are not disappointing us in this regard.

But you really would think that, as we enter a recession and with a couple of wars on, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and other senior political figures would have rather more important things to do than metaphorically hang and flog two celebrities who have already acknowledged their mistakes (albeit in their own inimitable ways).

Perhaps Gordon Brown should spend more of his time getting down with the stars and let someone like Kerry Katona run the country on his behalf.

Which begs the question, if he did - would anyone notice the difference?

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