Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Are you having a laugh?

"The Mr Universe contest is a fix," texted a listener into a radio show I was listening to this morning. "Because the winner always comes from Earth."

Although probably not the greatest joke ever told, it probably beats anything Vanessa and I were forced to put up with last night at the City Varieties in Leeds.

The picture above is of Andrew Maxwell. He is the comedian who was meant to be the headline act at Edinburgh and Beyond, a show currently on tour around the country supposedly showcasing the best of what was on offer at the Edinburgh Festival a couple of months ago.

He was certainly the advertised headline act when we paid for the tickets in May.

The two of us (plus my mates Wee John and Wee Colin) saw him at last year's Festival and he was brilliant. So last night, on one of our first nights out on our own since Jamie was born, we turned up at the venue having looked forward to the show all day and talked about it for weeks.

But instead of Andrew Maxwell, we got a hairy man. The another hairy man. Then a hippie woman with lots of hair (and a guitar). An interval. And then a really hairy man (with a drug problem). And then we came home.

Laugh? If only we could. Instead it turned out to be a very bad joke (followed by another, then another...)

Still, on the bright side, we are booked to see Brendon Burns - an Aussie comedian with no hair at all - in a couple of weeks.

Hopefully he'll actually make it along.

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