Friday, 3 October 2008


There's been a development.

People who know me will no doubt be aware that, earlier this year, I ran the London Marathon. If not, you're very welcome to read my marathon blog at:

It was something of an ordeal getting to start line but, given the reason I was running the race and the amount of money so many people pledged for me to do it, nothing was going to stop me.

I said many times during the training that I was never going to do it again. More importantly, I also made clear to many of my sponsors that I wouldn't be coming back for more.

Anyway, two days after completing the race, I decided on a whim to throw my name back into the ballot for next year's event.

The chances of me getting in were less than 20% so I thought, "let fate decide."

Fate has today revealed that it wants me to run the race again in 2009, as confirmed by the acceptance magazine I received in the post. This was not really part of the plan, particularly given the state of my knees.

All I will say it this early stage is that, if I do have another crack it, I won't be seeking to replicate the fundraising efforts. We could never do as well again and, as I say, I gave my word that I wouldn't be coming back.

However, depending on how my training is going, I may nominate a worthy charity, get a link up on Just Giving and if anyone feels they want to give some pennies to that particular cause, well, who am I to stop them? I'm glad you agree.

As for now, I continue to be in shock. And, if the truth be told, I'm just a teeny bit excited too...(YES!)

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