Monday, 6 October 2008

Great Scott

I witnessed a brief but funny incident in the gym over the weekend I thought you might want to hear about.

I was walking towards the men's changing room after my "workout" (tch!) and came across a seven/eight-year-old girl standing in my way, holding the door slightly ajar.

"Scott, hurry on!" she shouted through the gap. "And stop talking to yourself!"

I walked past her and, on the other side of the door, found a little boy with shaggy hair, probably a year or so younger than the girl and presumably her brother, trying desperately to put his trainers on.

"I'm not talking to myself!" Scott bellowed back, sweat on his brow.

"Who are you talking to then?" the girl demanded to know in a big sister type way.

"My brain," replied Scott calmly.

Back of the net!

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