Thursday, 3 December 2009

Vanessa cancels Christmas

I'm something of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. And, for me, having a decent Christmas tree in your house is an absolute must.

I don't think I'm particularly outlandish in holding this view. Indeed, I would imagine that you too, dear reader, might be planning to stick something green and sparkly up in your front room between now and the arrival of the big guy with the beard on Christmas Eve.

However, this year, we have a problem in our house. Because Vanessa thinks the "tree" (above) is sufficient to see us through the coming festive season. But, I mean, look at it.

Actually, look at it from a slightly more distant angle.

Seriously - that's not a Christmas tree. It's, well, shit.

To be fair, there is some method in Mrs W's ever-growing madness. Her fear is that, if we put up our big tree as normal, Jamie will simply pull it down each and every time he gets the chance. And, I have to concede, this is a legitimate point to make. But, if we do have to have a smaller tree this year, surely we can get one that doesn't require a search party to find it.

So I've dug my heels in. And I've committed to finding us a sensibly-sized, practical but visible tree. A tree that, when we walk into our living room, will quickly remind us that it is, in fact, Christmas - and we're supposed to be having fun.

I'll keep you informed.

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