Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Five rings when we get there

Just over a month ago, I reported that I had just made myself liable for a total bill of £3,181.48 if all my Olympic ticket applications had been successful.  

And that didn't quite happen.

In fact I wasn't even close.

Total tickets sought: 65

Total tickets secured: 4

Total cost: £200 (plus £6 for them to stick a stamp on the envelope)

But, in truth, I'm not in the least downhearted.

Many good folk have missed out entirely, and the four tickets I do have will enable Vanessa, me and our two boys - that's Jamie and Wee John - to experience something just a little bit special.   

Just what that will be, however, remains a mystery.

The possibilities are a night at the athletics, a session of track cycling, some boxing semi-finals or Coleraine's Alan Campbell (and assorted others) going for gold in the rowing finals.

Beggars can't be choosers, so I'll genuinely be happy with whatever we get.

However, Vanessa doesn't really fancy the boxing - so it's bound to be that.

We find out in 23 days' time.

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