Monday, 13 June 2011

Meet the newlyweds

Four days before we even open our doors, and the new White family hotel has just taken its first booking.

The picture opposite might look like my mum and her long-term partner Derek.  And, that's because it is. 

But it's also much more than that. 

Because, exactly 11 days ago, my mum phoned me up at work to ask how I was - very kind of her, I thought. 

I told her I was fine and asked how she was.

"Married," came the response. 

She and Derek had literally just tied the knot and were heading out of the register office to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives together - this picture was taken just a few minutes before she called. 

You've got to watch the old 'uns. 

And it will be very nice for Vanessa, the young 'uns and me to welcome them into our new abode a couple of months from now.

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