Monday, 27 June 2011

Flea vs. Wasps

Vanessa and I last moved house in 2004 and the joy of owning our first home lasted all of 10 minutes - literally.

I had to work on the morning we got the keys so Vanessa burst through the front door at 9am sharp without me. 

It was ten past when the first drops of water hit her in the eye. 

To cut a long story short, our shower had a leak, water was coming though the ceiling and we had to get a man in.  We ended up having to have the bathroom floor lifted and part of our kitchen ceiling removed.  All in all, not a great start.

Both our hearts therefore sank when, on the day we moved into our new abode in Guiseley, we were approached outside by the former owner to be told that there were "a couple of problems".

The first was a leak from a pipe that had previously been attached to her dishwasher.  Not a major drama, as it turned out, and one which will be instantly solved once our new dishwasher arrives in a few days.

The second was a little more shocking; we had a wasps nest in our garden shed - you can see it circled in the picture above.

Until hearing this news, I was unaware that wasps lived in a nest (no-one thought to tell me, OK?!)  And I wasn't happy. 

The lady advised that she had put special powder on our housewarming present to kill its occupants, but her dad had been stung that morning and many wasps were still in residence. 

There was only one thing for it; I would send in Wee John to hit it with a brush.

Below you can see a clip of how he got on.  (Without hopefully spoiling the sense of anticipation too much, I must warn you that he doesn't actually die). 

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