Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Now do you believe me?

I've had stick several times when I've slagged off my beloved but dopey brother-in-law Dagenham Dave on this dreadful blog.

But, on this occasion, surely I'm right.

To explain, our Daggers was recently down in his Guildford homeland (he's not even from Dagenham) where he purchased a glider of some sort. 

No-one I've spoken to is entirely clear what type of glider it was, except to say that it was a big glider.

And what Dave was intending to do with said glider remains even less apparent. 

However, they key point is that he shelled out a wad of cash to buy it.

Now, given that Dave and family live in Guiseley and the glider was in Guildford some 200 miles away, you might assume he would have given some thought as to how to get it up North.

But this is old Daggers we're taking about.

So, when it came time for Dave and co to pack up and make tracks, he had a problem.

And it was a very big problem - because it was a very big glider.

Inside the car was out (full of people), as was the boot (full of luggage). 

So the last possibility was to tie it to the roof.

But, needless to say, that possibility was swiftly found to be an impossibility because of this contraption's sheer hugeless.

The inevitable conclusion was that the car, Dave, wife and children were forced to leave without the glider which can now be yours, my friend, for a mere £30.

Just phone Guildford and ask for Keith.  

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