Thursday, 30 June 2011

He's just like The Queen

Already treated like royalty, our Jamie now has something else in common with Her Majesty.  Because this year he had two birthdays.

Last Thursday was a "real" birthday when he received cake number one, a close-up of which you can see above, before blowing out the candles (as you do).

His main present from his mother and me was a balance bike.

"I'm happy with that!" was his immediate reaction, which was clearly a good sign.  But I'm not convinced I like it myself.  More on that another time.

Then came Saturday and his "official" birthday with his posse at a play barn in Farsley.

Cue cake number two and a chorus of mummies in melody.

Next year, we'll going to arrange for him to troop his cake whilst riding sidesaddle on a big horse.    

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