Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sometimes I could literally burst with pride


The clock continues to tick, and still Jamie refuses to tell his mother he loves her. 

Last week I wrote that he had said the magic words to me but not to Vanessa - which made me very pleased indeed.

But this morning, he took the saga on to an entirely new level of amusement (for me).

He was bouncing on the bed and, from nowhere, suddenly bellowed: "Daddy, I love you!"


He didn't stop there.

"Charlotte, I love you!" he then declared equally excitedly.

Double aahhhhh.

Which left one individual in the room to whom he was yet to declare his undying devotion. 

But rather than play it cool, Vanessa just couldn't contain herself.

"Who else do you love?" she whimpered, like a pathetic, soggy puppy.

"Mummy loves me!" Jamie announced in direct avoidance of the question, before climbing off the bed and shuffling out of the room with a smirk.

Mummy wasn't smirking.

And neither was Daddy; he was cheering instead. 

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