Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Elle of a time so far

Good evening from 100 miles off the coast of Africa (according to the rep). 

This I find frustrating.  I've not been to Africa.  It reminds me of the time I went somewhere close to Germany.  I've not been to Germany either. 

More positively, I have been to Portstewart.  My mum lives there with my stepdad, Derek.  Tonight, in the bar queue, I met Margaret.  She's from Portstewart.  She knows my mum.  Derek does her painting.  It's nice to get away.

So far, I'm having a difficult time personally.  Last night I failed to reach the final of the daddies' dancing competition.  The fact that I was placed at the back of the stage behind short-arsed challengers from Spain, Holland, France, Germany and Poland was entirely deliberate (in my opinion).

The previous evening, I lost out in the soap quiz after bequeathing the winning answer (Dynasty) to a lady from Bolton. A kindly act which left my kids feeling unimpressed.

As luck would have it, they appear to be enjoying themselves (despite no drink being taken - Mrs White and I are tough on this).

The highlight thus far was Charlotte appearing on the front cover of Spanish Elle magazine.

It might not be the official version, but I reckon she looks alright.

Anyway, I'd better be off. It's gone midnight and it's time to put the towels down.  Did I mention there were Germans in?