Tuesday, 23 September 2014

B is for Beginner

Can you notice anything a little different about the piece of music above? 

Yes?  No?  Don't really care?

Well I'll tell you.

It's only got one note, B - immediately explaining why it's called the 'B B Blues.'

Jamie's taken up the recorder, you see. 

And here he is with it.

Unlike in my day when you took one from a box and passed the box along, you now have to buy your own in case one of your classmates didn't have a bath the previous evening.

But back to the note B and Jamie's musical career which does have to start somewhere.  And in a way his path to stardom seems more daunting by the fact that he already has big shoes to fill.

I myself rose to the lofty ranks of first violin in Macosquin Primary School orchestra in 1981 (only to give it up the following year when Louise Madden left to go to Coleraine High School, depriving me of my sole motivation to continue). And I clearly remember being able to play more than one note - I was really good at A, for example.    

But before Jamie reaches such lofty heights, he must obviously master B and only practice can make perfect.

Thankfully, help is at hand. 

To quote from his music book:

"If you want to play more pieces with just B, how about playing 'B Groovy' and 'B Really Groovy!' from Razzamajazz Recorder Book 1? If you want to sing and play, try 'How Cool Can You B,' and 'B with Me' from Red Hot Recorder songs."

I hope he will take up that challenge. It might even B fun.