Thursday, 18 September 2014

Harry Potter spellbound by Magic Johnston

I've got cabin fever.

Four days since returning from Saturday's remarkable charity dinner back home - the full impact of which still hasn't fully sunk in - I've spent pretty much all of my time at home trying to juggle my day job with the task of setting up our company.

And, already, I think I need to find an alternative to sitting at our dining room table for 12 hours a day.   I've only left the house briefly three times since Sunday evening, twice to visit Morrisons and once to post a letter, and I don't think it's doing me much good.  Plus I'm still knackered from the weekend's exerts.

But don't think I'm feeling sad, hell no.  Because I have news!

My current decrepit state isn't just down to graft and worry.  It's also got something to do with slightly overstretching myself in my beloved Railway Arms last Thursday.  And again last Friday.  Then last Saturday.  Oh, and we also had time for a couple of swift ones before heading back to the airport on Sunday.  As you do.  

And the major reason I love it so much - as does every distant visitor I've ever met in there - is the hospitality and service provided by Super-Landlady Clare Johnston.

Even Harry Potter came to call on Friday evening.

And we were very happy for him to join everyone else.

Regular readers will hopefully be aware that, last month, I launched a little campaign here to see if we could get our Clare rightfully shortlisted for the 2014 Ulster Bar Person of the Year award.

Well, guess what?  We only bloody did it!

In another White Stuff exclusive (they just never stop), I can reveal that Clare received a call earlier today to say that she had indeed made the final six.  A full-on interview and pic will appear in the Sunday Life in the coming weeks before we all have the chance to vote FOR HER.

Needless to say I'll tell you when and how to do this as soon as that moment arrives.