Thursday, 4 September 2014

Non-progress update

It's day four of the "Vanbar venture" (I'll have to remember that newly made-up phrase, might use it again), and life has not been normal.  

People who know more about these things than I do (everyone) keep telling me to go slowly, get it right, be patient, there will be some tough months ahead and so on and so on.  And no doubt they're quite correct in their analysis.  But I don't do slowly and patient very well.  That said, given all the other things going on, I haven't really had much option. 

The highlight of the week thus far has been Jamie going back to school (YES!)...

...and Charlotte joining him in its baby jail department (AW!)

(Apologies if you've already seen these pictures, but their granny in Portstewart doesn't "do" Facebook and, 42 years on, remains scary to me).  

But that's not what's been keeping me busy.  With the Oliver Turkington Memorial Dinner now a mere nine days away, there is a hell of a lot of work yet to do.  There are tickets to be sold (going well but still available), publicity to pump out, menu cards to be designed, raffle/auction prizes to be secured, event running orders to be finalised, speakers to be briefed and a new suit to be bought.  And progress is being made in each of these areas, other than the suit which I tried to buy today but couldn't find anything that fitted me or my non-shoulders.  Thankfully, there is a dry cleaner's up the road which I might be forced to visit instead.  I'm bound to spill red wine on my suit, so it's probably for the best.  

Meanwhile, there are just three days to go until the Great North Run.  I went out for my final little trot yesterday morning, and didn't arrive home feeling particularly "up" for Sunday's race.  However, last night as I was climbing into bed, I received notification of a sizeable donation from Mags' mum and dad, Moira and Alasdair.  To say that this gave me a boost would be something of an understatement.  So much so that now I can't wait for the gun to go and Mo Farah to disappear over the horizon.   More on this tomorrow but, in the meantime, feel free to chuck your tuppence into the my cyber tin by following THIS LINK

And now, it's back to Vanbar Associates.....although I might have a cuppa first.....and a biscuit.....but no alcohol.....until Sunday.....really.....I's Thursday and everything.....go on, sponsor me....................please............................go on.....