Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30 days in September

Well, what a month that has been.

Since the early part of this year when my evil plans were being put together, I was looking forward to/dreading September in equal measure.

First there was the Great North Run which, more than three weeks on, I'm genuinely yet to fully recover from.  I actually went for my first canter since then earlier today and it wasn't pretty.  But, hey ho, no ambulance was required which was a real plus.

Then there was the Oliver Turkington Memorial Dinner which, looking back, really could not have gone much better.

Well, I say that.  But I suspect my (unplanned) speech could have gone a little more smoothly.

In fact, if anyone can recall anything of what I said, feel free to let me know.

All I can remember with any degree of certainty was the great Willie John McBride shaking my hand halfway through, bidding me a "good morning" (it was around 1130 pm) and heading home.   Once a legend, always a legend.

And then, of course, this month saw me go part-time at work with the mission of setting up Vanbar Associates, the most exciting new entry into the world of media/public relations and corporate communications since whatever the last one was.

Because of the run, the dinner, a bout of illness and the day job, I've had much less time to spend on our new venture than I'd hoped for. But over the past week or so, I am delighted to report that progress is finally being made.

I've long been of the view that, if you need something done, best have a go yourself first.  But this adage has not previously extended to building websites.  However, last Wednesday I started work on ours and I hope to be in a position to let you have a look in the next seven days.  I must warn you that, at this stage, it is more accurately described as a "webshite" than a website but I'm doing my best.

And, of course, expert help is still very much required in a whole range of different areas if the company is to fly.

Later today I'm meeting my clever techy mate Dylan to discuss our logo.  And I'm also planning to give my lifelong friend Colin a call (stand by Wee Man) to see if he'll let me "borrow" some of his very nice professional photos what he took.   I would encourage you to click HERE to see how good he is and fully appreciate why I want Vanbar Associates to bask in his reflected brilliance, fully credited of course.

Other tasks shall be fulfilled which are much more dull so I'll not burden you with them.  

Exciting times ahead?  Who knows.  But in many ways that is exciting in itself.

Bring on October.