Monday, 22 September 2014

Sounds fun to drink and run

Whilst Vanessa's heroics at the Ilkley Triathlon were certainly inspirational and did lead me to briefly consider having a go myself next year, that thought did not last long.  No, because I stumbled upon another event that also took place yesterday which appears much better suited to my "talents."

I'm talking about the Great Yorkshire Wineathon in Holmfirth.

And rather than explain it poorly, let me quote directly from the official website: 

"Run, wine, run, wine, run, hill, wine, run, wine…the thirstiest race in Yorkshire.

"A 9-mile easy trail run/walk with feed stations every 2 miles. These are stocked with WINE! (Each wine station is based around a different wine region of the world).

"Starts at 1:30, great excuse for an afternoon running in the sun! (and a little wine).

"Registration opens 12:30, run starts 1:30, prize + awards ceremony as soon as the last one wobbles over the finish line! 

"So run, walk or crawl your way around this wine themed event, in aid of the Laura Crane Trust."

Do you know, I think I will.  Entries for next year's race open soon.  I really, really hope.