Monday, 1 September 2014

Introducing Vanbar Associates

I have news.  And dear readers - yes, both of you - I thought it only proper to tell you first.

Those who know me best will understand that I like to have a "project" on the go.

At some point this coming Sunday afternoon, my fourth and almost certainly final Great North Run will hopefully have been conquered. (Donations still most welcome by clicking on HERE).

And the weekend after, the much-anticipated Oliver Turkington Memorial Dinner will take place in Coleraine.  (Some tickets are still available by calling Diane Armstrong on Tel: 028 7034 4433).

But what to do next?  So I thought about it for a while - at least two cups of tea and several biscuits were involved - and finally it came to me.  I'll set up a communications company!

Well, I say that.

As it happens, the company - given the catchy name of Vanbar Associates - was formally registered by Vanessa at the turn of the year.  The more vigilant amongst you may have noticed that Vanessa begins with Van.  And Barry begins with....come on now.....someone.....anyone?   Yes, Bar.  Put the two together and what do you get?   That's right, an almost brand new communications company.

Vanessa took on her first client back in January, and all has gone well.  Meanwhile, I have remained in full-time employment with little or no involvement.  But it's time to up our game.

So, as of today, I have gone part-time at work with the purpose of turning Vanbar Associates into a communications company worthy of respect, admiration and contractual engagement with third parties.

None of this will happen without lots of hard work, which requires time, which - with Jamie and Charlotte running around - requires me to create some extra weekday hours.

And Jamie and Charlotte - together with Vanessa, obviously - are obviously relevant to all of this. Because we have to eat, Jamie needs new school shoes at least once a year, and Charlotte is relatively demanding in the "I want a new dress!" department.  And for these objectives to be achieved, our new venture has to be a commercial success.

For those with a passing interest, be assured - particularly you, Mother - that I haven't taken this decision lightly.  I have worked for communications firms in the the past, and press and PR are essentially what I've done day and daily for the past 18 years.  So I know what is involved.  I'm also confident that both Vanessa and I have the collective wherewithal to make our little enterprise work.  But, clearly, there are challenges ahead.

Something I can guarantee is that we will try to have fun along the way.  And, if you're really good, I'll tell you what I can here as we go along

There will be a new website and this will include a new blog.  But White Stuff is staying put for the foreseeable future.  I am sorry.

I do hope you approve of all of the above.

I'll keep you informed.