Sunday, 21 September 2014

Carried away

Today was a day of huge emotions which I'm unlikely ever to forget. 

A day of pushing back previously unimaginable boundaries. Of dreaming the impossible and turning the impossible dream into something which actually happened. Of the head telling the heart that the heart can't win - before the heart only goes and darn well does it. 

Yes, today was the day when I defied all odds by successfully installing a bike carrier onto the back of our car. And not only that, but it then managed to get to Ilkley and back without Vanessa's bike falling off and killing someone.

 I mean look. 

Isn't it wonderful?  And, as such, aren't I wonderful too?  I suspect I probably am.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Before I forget, I should also briefly mention that whilst in Ilkley (we were there anyway), Vanessa managed to complete her first-ever triathlon.

A bit of swimming (no photography allowed).

A bit of pedalling.

And a bit of running at the end.


It's the sort of thing ladies do when they're approaching 40. No big deal. It's just like, you know, a triathlon.

Actually, here's another angle of the bike carrier which I know you'll enjoy. 

Beautiful. I still can't believe I did it. 

Before I go, Jamie and Charlotte have insisted on a final word.

Kinda proud of her myself. But don't ever say.