Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Celtic moods

I'm back on holiday (and, just as I write that, Holiday by Madonna has come on the radio behind me - how bizarre is that?!)

Yes, after two relatively productive days of working from home, it's after 5pm and I'm free to...look after Jamie.

And, boy, is he taking some looking after at the moment.

My time sitting at my lap top over the last couple of days has been regularly interrupted by dashes to help Vanessa cheer up a particularly grumpy little man.

He's eating fine, he's got a bit of a cold but really not that bad, and he slept almost 13 hours last night broken only by a milk break at 4.30 am. And yet, he's cranky.

Don't get me wrong, he still has his fun moments and even gave me a kiss this morning.

Sadly, it was a Glasgow kiss - i.e. he headbutted me in the mouth - but I'm fairly sure it was accidental.

Hopefully tomorrow's arrival of Uncle John and Auntie Vicky for our New Year's Eve dinner party will cheer him up.

After all, I've been looking forward to 2009.

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