Friday, 26 December 2008

So that was Christmas

Jamie's now had his first Christmas Day and is already looking forward to the next one.

His special guests - Grandma Judy, Grandad Mike, Auntie Hannah, Uncle Dave and Cousin Oliver - arrived on time, showered him with gifts and didn't leave too much of a mess. What more could a baby ask for?
Although he didn't have any turkey - lovingly prepared by a stressed Daddy who'd never cooked one before - he did have some liquidised sprouts and parsnips whipped up by Mummy. He already thinks he might have preferred the turkey.

The there were only three arguable downsides to the occasion.

The first - although hardly a shock - was that Uncle Dave didn't shut up from start to finish. Although Jamie doesn't yet understand every word of English, his initial take on things was that Uncle Dave never seemed to say anything of either interest or relevance to either babies or adults and that he also talked very loud.

Second, Jamie cried this morning and said he'd had a nightmare that he was trapped in a house with Uncle Dave. Mummy and Daddy quickly clarified that he hadn't been having a nightmare, that Uncle Dave had in fact stayed overnight along with Auntie Hannah and Cousin Oliver but that he would be leaving shortly and certainly wouldn't be offered breakfast.
The final perceived negative from Jamie's point of view was Mummy and Daddy's insistence that he dressed up as a Christmas elf. "Cousin Oliver is wearing very sensible clothing," protested Jamie. "He hasn't been made to look ridiculous in front of all these people. Why am I always the one who has to stick out?" However, after Daddy explained that everyone had to dress up as an elf on their first Christmas Day, Jamie felt reassured and got much more into the party spirit.
Well done him (and thanks to our guests).

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