Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I hope all your preparations are going well for the big day.

The Whites are hosting Grandma Judy, Grandad Mike, Auntie Hannah, Uncle Daggers and Cousin Oliver tomorrow but - as only the second most important man in our house - I have absolutely no idea whether our preparations are going well or not.

And I have a whole day's work to get through today before I get anywhere close to finding out.

Christmas for us really begins this evening when we are due to attend a traditional carol service in Horsforth.

Younger worshippers are particularly welcome at the gathering and I'm sure Jamie would be quite happy for me to tell you he's quite looking forward to it.

The idea of all that music, the big crowd and an open invitation to make as much noise as possible is simply too good to miss.

And there's also the matter of his special Christmas Eve outfit.

Auntie Vicky bought him this a few weeks ago and it fits very nicely over his sleepsuit - meaning it can be stripped off and he can go straight to sleep as soon as we get home.

And, as all good little children know, the sooner they go to sleep, the sooner it is that Santa Claus arrives.


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