Thursday, 25 December 2008

He came!

Santa Claus has a brand new number one fan.

The big man arrived sometime after 3am this morning and was very kind to little Jamie White.

He left a rocker / trekker thingy which you can see being demonstrated above (look, no hands), a wide selection of rattly items, a car dashboard which will allow Jamie to do a bit of backseat driving and some fab building blocks for him to build his own house when he decides to move out. All very exciting.

And Santa could not have picked a better day to officially confirm Jamie as a good little boy (other than the fact that it is Christmas Day, obviously). Because you'll never guess what...

For the first time ever, ever, ever....he slept through!

We took him to the carol service last night where, given that he knew everyone was looking at him, he behaved like a choir boy (see below) although we did have to keep reminding him that it's very hard to sing with your dummy in. He then took half a bottle of milk at Grandma Judy and Grandad Mike's house before finishing it off at home, albeit about an hour later than normal.

But after Daddy awoke on the sofa with a sore head at 3am to leave space for Santa to leave Jamie's presents, he checked on junior who, although a little on the restless side, was still asleep.

He didn't stir again for another three hours and Mummy and Daddy are rightly very proud.

All the guests - plus Dagenham Dave who was coming whether he received an invitation or not - are due to arrive at the Whites in less than three hours, so it's time to get a move on.

But the good news is - Jamie's is very much enjoying his first Christmas.

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