Saturday, 20 December 2008

Play nicely - and don't exterminate anything

I went into Leeds this morning to do a bit of Christmas shopping and am quite pleased with what I found.

The job is much easier this year as the Whites aren't going across to Northern Ireland until January and are leaving the gift exchange with my immediate family until then (by which time everything will probably be cheaper to buy anyway - I call that a result).

All the other presents - for Vanessa, her family et al - are now safely in all sorts of bags. All I have left to do is have a quick word with Santa to check he's got Jamie's letter and find out whether he wants whiskey or brandy left out this Christmas Eve and the job is done.

After all the excitement of seeing so many people yesterday, Jamie has had a quiet day thus far with much of it spent in his baby walker - borrowed from cousin Oliver.

Although still a novice, he's already able to cover a fair bit of distance in his new craft.

And, whilst he's certainly been looking around for new things to bash, I'm confident that his potential for destruction will still fall some way short of that generally meted out by his new lookalike, Davros (left), the creator of the Daleks. But one can never be certain.

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