Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hangin' with the stars

I mentioned here on Friday that DJ Gammy had popped by and I would explain more in due course.

I can now not-quite-exclusively reveal that Gammy is in fact my big nephew/Jamie and Charlotte's big cousin Nathan.

And the boy's doing good.

He was in Yorkshire over the weekend to play a gig in Sheffield which, even by his own modest account, went well. 

So much so that he's been booked to swim in a much bigger pool in that London just before Christmas. 

Yes, even I have heard of the Utah Saints ("U-U-U-UTAH SAINTS!!!!!" and repeat) and I was never "with it" at any stage of my development.

This gave us something to drink to on Sunday, which we did, liberally.
As luck would have it, Vanessa and I also managed a few cheeky snifters the night before at an especially glitzy bash.
Yes, our pal Layla - from the parish of BBC Radio Leeds - was celebrating her 50th birthday (or it may have been 40th, can't quite recall).
That's her sandwiched in the middle by Gillian (left) and Mrs W.
The other sandwiches were very tasty too.
And rounding off a weekend of unparalleled glamour, we even had a personal visit from Doctor Who.
More on him tomorrow.