Thursday, 10 October 2013

Who's your daddy

Today's been the first day in almost two weeks that I've felt almost like myself.

Indeed, at times I've almost convinced myself that I know what's like to be Doctor Who after he's regenerated (although, in such circumstances, I'd be most disappointed to be lumbered with this body).  

Such was my rush of energy this morning that I decided to carry Charlotte all the way to nursery. 

It was only when I was halfway there did I remember that Little Miss appears to be the latest member of the White dynasty to show signs of the White dysentery (or close enough).

Thankfully my head, neck and shoulders arrived blemish free.

Sadly, I don't expect the newly revitalised me to last too long.  After my extended period of forced abstinence, this weekend I'm going to see if I can drink 100 pints of Guinness.