Sunday, 20 October 2013

Time for a White whine

There have been a number of highlights over the course of this weekend thus far, including being handed my first ever Aireborough Lions "Coach" jacket at Under 6s training this morning.  (I'm not worthy). 

Lemon chicken is also on the menu for tea, providing me with the perfect cover to drink too much white wine (Chef's privilege).

However, about half an hour ago, I endured a double lowlight.

The first was when I somehow managed to propel the contents of Charlotte's potty all over the living room and hall carpets, and glass door in between.

The second was when I carried the empty potty back to the toilet, failed to appreciate I had wee on the sole of my trainer, and slipped and fell on the tiled floor.
Actually, I might have that first glass of wine around about now.