Tuesday, 22 October 2013

You never forget your first time

The date was 21 November 1985.  The place was Maysfield Leisure Centre in Belfast. 
And it was a big moment for me. I was a mere 13 years of age and arguably a bit young to be involving myself in such questionable activities. 
Suddenly, the lights were dimmed.  This was really going to happen. 

The first flash of long blonde hair confirmed that I was in the right place, followed closely by the sight of an even longer and equally familiar dark mane. 
And then the music started. We were off. 
Yes, it was really was Status Quo up on that stage - my first ever live gig - and they were magnificent. (My second ever live gig, just a few months later, was A-ha but they weren't as good). 

I always meant to see them play again but never quite got round to it. (Plus, someone might've found out).

But last Sunday evening I cracked. And, in precisely eight weeks from tonight, at the brand, spanking new First Direct Arena in Leeds, my great pal Paul "Merv" Gaile and I shall be there - all denimed-up - getting down (down, deeper and down) with The Quo.

It has been said - admittedly only by me - that the young Paul bore more than a passing resemblance to an early Rick Parfitt.

Ironically, he's since become Francis Rossi's double.

But that's by the by.

When the big night comes, I can predict that us two proud men of Coleraine will rock until either we or Rick and Francis drop. 

I understand the bookies are already refusing to take bets on who will go first.