Monday, 11 November 2013

Dozy Dad

Jamie had a fine day today.

First, he received a star from his teacher for his best ever reading. 

And then, after school, he was praised by his swimming instructor for having his best ever lesson. 

All good stuff. 

Walking home from swimming class under a pitch black sky, he looked up and enquired where the sun had gone.

"It's asleep," I said, briefly forgetting he's no longer four weeks old.

"No it's not," he retorted.  "It's in another country."

I got what I deserved.   In a weak attempt to move on, I attempted flattery.

"You know everything, son," I grovelled.

"No I don't," Jamie shot back.  "I don't know who made God.  No-one does."  

Maybe I'll get him to help me with my homework tonight, just as soon as he's finished his own.