Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Talking boobies

I was watching a random music channel with Charlotte on Sunday evening when Cerys Matthews and Tom Jones appeared on screen singing their big(gish) hit, "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

Given that it was released a little before her era, Charlotte asked me to tell her who the heck these Welshies were. 

"The scary-looking lady with the big teeth, she's called Cerys," I said. "And the thrusting gentleman with the silly beard who's staring at her chest, he's called Tom." 

"Oh. Does Cerys have boobies?" asked Charlotte, whilst simultaneously lifting up her pyjama top to see if she had any yet.

"She does, yes," I replied. "Tom could've told you that." 

"Oh. Does Tom have boobies too?" Charlotte continued. 

"He's a 73-year-old man," I explained, "of course he does."

And here's the proof.