Thursday, 14 November 2013

Up, up - and away with you

It was parents' evening at Jamie's school yesterday, and the feedback we received was positive.  Good for him.

However, one comment made took me back a couple of weeks to the somewhat underwhelming Doctor Who exhibition in Bradford. 

One of Jamie's teachers said last night that she was impressed by his enthusiasm, including his wont to raise his hand in class to answer questions. 

This reminded me that he'd stuck his waver up at the Doctor Who exhibition when a guide asked if anyone knew how Daleks got upstairs.

"They fly!" Jamie barked with an accompanying skip, causing me to smile subtly with fatherly pride.

"No, they use CGI," replied the guide.
"Does anyone know what CGI stands for?"
Some geek mumbled the answer.
"That's right, its computer generated imagery," our hostess continued. "They're not really flying at all!"
It must be great fun round her house on Christmas Eve.