Wednesday, 6 November 2013

FLASH! BANG! (Is it over yet?)

It was Bonfire Night in England last night (if you live here, you'll probably have the cold to prove it). 

However, back in Northern Ireland, (remember, remember the) 5th November is not such a big deal.

One reason is that, in the latter, you can normally find a bonfire on any night of the week (other than 5th November)

Also, firework restrictions remain in place in the proud Province and sparklers can lose their appeal after the third packet.
But on this side of the water, dads of all levels of bravery/foolhardiness were being forced to put their physical features at risk for the amusement of their children.

That said, it was actually on Sunday evening (we'd seen the forecast for last night) that my mate Andy's distinguishing marks, together with my own, were laid on the line for our sprogs (and wives). 

And I am pleased, nay, proud to report that we managed to avoid grave disfiguration (with Jamie and Charlotte ordered to stay in the Royal Box until the end).
With those challenges successfully overcome, we can now begin to prepare for the really big show - a mere seven weeks from today. 

So before the supermarkets and TV music channels beat me to it, Season's Greetings to one and all.