Friday, 1 November 2013

Pleasant Valley Friday

We had a family day out at Lightwater Valley theme park in North Yorkshire today, my first ever visit although the other three clan members had been before (I'm such a victim). 
And it was proper fun.  Almost all of the time. 
The low point for me wasn't at this stage of Jamie's and my ascent up the Trauma Tower.
 No, it was around about now. 

I nearly soiled myself.

Meanwhile, the ladies adopted a much more gentile approach to proceedings.

The high points?  Two I'd say.

The first was when our "model children" (aye, right) were locked into a Ferris Wheel capsule.

If only they'd sold them in the souvenir shop.  I would've got one in the boot, on the roof - even carried it home.  But sadly they didn't have any in. 

The second high point was only a fantasy, in truth. 

We were in the newly-opened Angry Birds Activity Park.  And, well, the big catapult wasn't real.