Saturday, 2 November 2013

The finger of fate?

"Don't wee in your pants, wee on the potty."

Those were Charlotte's first words of the day, her eyes still half-shut.  Something for us all to think about there, I'd say.

Meanwhile, I'm now into day four of having a sore finger.

Having not bashed it to my knowledge - it's not even swollen up - I've had to take to Google in an attempt to diagnose what the problem might be.  And I've narrowed it down to three possibilities:
  1. Frostbite
  2. Scurvy
  3. Leprosy
Now, it doesn't appear to me that all of these conditions of the finger are killers.  So I may have a chance.

But deep down, I kind of know that this could be the end.

Do please keep your fingers crossed for me, because I'm having great trouble crossing mine.