Sunday, 17 November 2013

Running Van

Who in the name of Paula Radcliffe is that, I hear you cry?!

Well, believe or believe not, it's Vanessa hurtling her way towards the Leeds Abbey Dash finish line early this morning.  Yes, Mrs W has been bitten by that nasty running bug too and this was her virgin 10k race.

And, get this, she actually won her category!  Really.  She was indeed the first Vanessa White over the line which, in a race of 12,000, is quite some achievement - particularly when there were no other Vanessa Whites in the field to drive her on. 

I'm genuinely very proud and, as the first (and also only) Barry White home, we are just about to kick off a double family celebration. 

Not that our offspring are that arsed (although they will be when they find out we have chocolate cake)

In the midst of all this happiness, there was one unfortunate aspect of today.  Jamie and Charlotte's Auntie Vicky - who was the driving force for us to enter - was sadly unable to compete herself, after rupturing her calf muscle early last week.

But, Vicky being Vicky, she still made it along to cheer us all home.

And that "us" included Vicky's sister Sam, who's one of those "proper" runners.  Sam set off with a stated aim of breaking the 45 minute barrier, which is quite some goal.  But, to her immense credit,  she did it with seconds to spare.

Naturally, she was incredibly thrilled and extremely excited. 

In fact, so much so, that she managed to wet herself as she crossed the line.

Well done Sam, and thanks to Vicky for giving me family permission to take the p*ss out of her big sister (not that could be any left, according to some people in the crowd).