Monday, 28 July 2014

A self-served near disaster

Our first full day on holiday, and I almost messed it up before we'd started. 

We're in Tenerife, by the way.  Almost precisely 2,000 miles from where I updated yesterday in Leeds.  But you're never that far away from home.

Last night I met a fellow Leeds resident at a self-service beer machine. He'd only been here for two days but already his missus had set down a rule.  Yes, whilst he was permitted to use said self-service beer machine, this was on condition that they occupied a table some distance away.  The reason being that she could check his balance between refill trips before in time informing him that the privilege had been withdrawn and it was time for bed.  Harsh.  But fair?  Not for me to judge.

I bumped into him in the jazz bar.

I hate jazz but it's self-service beer machine seemed less busy than the others so I grinned and drunk it.

But back to this morning.

Charlotte, like the rest of us, enjoyed her breakfast before we headed off to the welcome meeting (pictured above) which I'll tell you about again.

Our final stop prior to hitting the pool was reception to hire our safe.  After all, you can't be too careful - can you?

I paid the whatever it was from an envelope containing all our holiday cash. The plan being to then put this into the safe. 

The problem was that, around 20 minutes later when I came to complete the task in hand, I couldn't find the money.  Vanessa must've picked it up from the reception counter.  So I asked her calmly.  Nope, she didn't have it - apparently I did.  The only slight issue was that I didn't.  

Cue mad dash by me across our hotel complex in the direction of reception.  Where our envelope was waiting. 

I look forward to raising a glass of self-service beer to that later.