Thursday, 10 July 2014

Strike that

Jamie was named "Star of the Week" in Yellow Class last Friday, the fourth time he's lifted the crown this academic year. 

Vanessa has no idea how this has happened; I suspect it's got something to do with a Far East betting scam. 

As many parents will know, the prize these days for winning such an accolade is generally to take a special teddy home for a week and keep a diary. Enter Barnaby Bear. (You've met a previous incarnation of Barnaby before, although Vanessa wouldn't let me show you the really good pictures).  

The challenge is then to try to do stuff that makes the winner's family look all windswept and interesting by the time the diary is handed back. That's the unspoken law, at least.

Fortunately the Tour de France was in the neighbourhood last weekend, which was handy to fill a page. But we needed something else. Enter - or rather exit - striking teachers.

Jamie has already been deprived of one day at school this year (and his parents of a wedge of childcare costs) by one of his teachers walking out. And she was off on her travels again today. I hope she went somewhere nice. (I should add that only three classes in Jamie's school have been affected - again. When it was suggested to the head that some arrangement was made to cater for those left without schooling, she is reported to have replied: "We're not here to provide a childcare facility.")

Meanwhile, Vanessa and I had to find some way of keeping her pupil occupied whilst trying to earn money to pay for his holiday in peak season as we're not allowed to take him out of school. Imagine him having to miss a day so vital to his education, perish the thought.

As luck would have it, Vanessa stumbled across an emergency sports camp which had been set up locally to help out the parents of kids banned from entering their place of education. 

Therefore tonight, before going to bed, Jamie is about to complete Barnaby's diary. The title of the entry will be "What Barnaby and I did on Strike Day."

Let's hope tomorrow's not a training day so he gets to hand it in.