Saturday, 19 July 2014

For the first time I am clever

With Jamie off to a pirate party this afternoon and the weather forecast less than positive, I was racking my brains about what to do to keep Charlotte amused.

So I went for the Victoria Beckham parenting option: buy something at the shop.  

But what?

I went on to the Argos website to see if anything exciting (and justifiable) jumped out at me.  And, in a sign of what has become of me since fatherhood struck, I stumbled across an item which left me almost dumbstruck with excitement.

I would guess that every self-respecting mum or dad with a daughter of a certain age will be all too aware of the Frozen phenomenon.  If you're not, it's Disney's biggest kids' movie hit for yonks and stars sisters Elsa and Anna.

As is the way these days, there is no shortage of related merchandise to go with the film, with two significant exceptions; Elsa and Anna dolls.

I have tried to get my mitts on one of these for months and months, even to the point where shop assistants have openly laughed at me when I've enquired if they had any in.

That was until this morning when, lo and behold, I discovered that an Elsa figure had crept into the Argos storeroom in Guiseley - so I pounced to reserve it like the sad dad I have become.

Conscious of the fact that I wanted to buy shorts and tee shirts in TK Maxx for our upcoming holiday first and needed her full concentration to enable me to do so, I didn't tell Charlotte in advance of visiting Argos.  All I said was that we were going shopping - normally enough to capture any female's absolute attention.

Thankfully the end result was positive.

Although the singing wasn't great.

Hopefully at some point she'll Let It Go.  (Do you see what I did there?)