Sunday, 6 July 2014

Headline news from Yorkshire - and St Louis

Unless you live on the Moon (or maybe Lancashire), you will hopefully know that this was Yorkshire's weekend in the global spotlight as the Tour de France rolled into towns and villages across the county.  

We Whites pitched up in nearby Burley in Wharfedale to watch the Lyra-clad warriors whizz past.

Thankfully this included Mark Cavendish (below centre) who, you might also have heard, crashed spectacularly just metres from the finish of yesterday's stage in Harrogate, putting him out of the entire Tour.

Sadly, the kids enthusiasm levels at seeing the riders was eclipsed by the earlier sight of a two huge bags of flying chips...

and a giant four pack of speeding Fruit Shoots.

The afternoon finished with ice cream and thoughts of a dip.

But this wasn't the height of the weekend's excitement.  Oh no.  

You'll hopefully have read last Tuesday's post about little Oliver Dickey who was about to undergo the first of two operations in America.

I'm thrilled to report that the first procedure went incredibly well, and the wee man is due out of hospital later today to begin a period of outpatient physio.  All good, but it gets better.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a text from Charlene, Oliver's dynamo of a mum.  She was reporting the news that Oliver was now able to wiggle his toes.  Oliver (below left with little brother Max) has never wiggled his toes before.  I mean, wow.  That is all.