Thursday, 17 July 2014

A toast to kindness

It might only be Thursday but it's already been a week I'll not forget in a hurry.

First, my boss was appointed Minister for Pubs in David Cameron's Government reshuffle. (You read that right). 

And then this morning I had a knock on the door from the unspeakably kind lady - I shan't name her - who cleans in the building where I work.

She lost her little girl to a heart condition at a very early age. But instead of getting all angry and bitter about what had happened, as I suspect I would, she devoted her life to doing good stuff. 

Last year after Mags (above) died, the lady I speak of organised a whip round in the church she serves with great vigour and donated the proceeds to my Great North Run fundraising pot. 

Today's knock was similarly related. She knew I had committed to do the Great North Run again in a few weeks' time; Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research will be the beneficiary in memory of Mags and also the wonderful David McClarty (below) who lost his life to blood cancer on Good Friday of this year.

Our heroine had triumphed in our office World Cup sweepstake after pulling Germany out of the hat. The purpose of coming to see me today was to donate her winnings to this year's fundraising pot. 

Feel free to chuck some pennies in too, should you feel so inclined. Here's the LINK.

Whilst you have a think, I'm off for a training run.