Sunday, 27 July 2014

Up, up - and delay. (Possibly)

I'm tapping this out in the departure lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport as we Whites prepare to fly off for two weeks somewhere else.

I wasn't originally planning to update this rubbish until I get back; you deserve a break much more than I do.  But then I thought, why not?  

Regular readers will already be very aware that I don't have a life.  And not having a life somewhere else for a fortnight is as good as it gets.  Plus apparently they have free WiFi where we're going.  So updates you shall have.

As we prepare for the inevitable announcement that our flight has been delayed, I'm off to begin my holiday reading - starting with this.

I spoke to the great man himself on the phone on Wednesday.  I'm sure if I had a book out about my life, he'd want to read it too.  Or he might not.