Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Nine months - then yeah baby!

As the nights draw in, the temperature drops and my cabin fever increases as I attempt to reinvent Virgin in the form of Vanbar Associates, it's nice to have something to look forward to.  

And today it arrived.

Yes friends, they've announced the line-up for next summer's Let's Rock Leeds. And it's really rather good.

For the uninitiated, Let's Rock Leeds is an 80s music festival in a day.  And guess what?  It's held in Leeds.

The inaugural event was in June and, as someone who loves a lump of cheese, I thought it was awfully good/goodly awful.  (You know what I mean).

I wrote about it at the time, and was proud to report on the swayings and wailings of Bananarama, Howard Jones, ABC, Nick Heyward and others so memorable I can't remember who they were.

And next year's offering - taking place on Saturday 20 June - promises even more.

Granted, the "headline" act of the bloke from the Thompson Twins (Tom Bailey anyone?) left me a touch underwhelmed.  But the "support" acts lifted me up.  (Do you see what I did there Thompson Twins fans?)

I'm talking Rick Astley.  Go West.  Midge Ure.  Heaven 17 (bit shit, let's keep going).  Five Star (only three remain).  T'Pau (YES!)  Betty Boo (BOO!)  Bucks Fizz (these days we're talking Bobby Gee with some close family members).  The Beat (they sang Can't Get Used to Losing You - I looked it up).  Odyessy (No idea).  Sonia (UGH!)  Sam Fox (now a proud resident of Lesbania).  And Jive Bunny (come on!  Another little joke there if you're interested).

As I prepare to begin the quest for well-paid PR gigs, this is an account I'd be incredibly prepared to do something silly to secure.

But for now, I'm reduced to paying £42.90 for an Early Bird ticket (inc. Booking Fee).

Here's the exclusive "existing customers" link if you're interested in going along - prices go up on 1 November.  (Don't say I never do anything for you).

As last year, you'll find me somewhere near the front drinking pints of wine.