Thursday, 25 August 2016

Big Willy rises to the occasion

Once again you join me from the luxurious comfort of a cheap sun lounger having not had to rise at 5.30am to secure it. This run of luck surely cannot continue.

Yesterday I speculated about the "turn" likely to take to the stage last night. It turned out to be me.

Yes, it was karaoke evening for us and I dare not let my public down. To be fair, I had no plans to woo the masses and my name was submitted by her indoors. (I can only assume Mrs White loves the sound of my voice). But my rendition of Forever in Blue Jeans, by common consent, eclipsed any version Neil Diamond himself belted out back in the day. I rock.

Sadly, the stage was not exclusively mine as Jamie and friends ended the night with a quirky cover of Happy.

But they'll never take my crown.

Aside from our first proper visit to the beach, the other main headline of today was the return of Big Willy.

We met Big Willy in Turkey last summer and, such was the impact he had on all of us, we decided to bring him back to Guiseley to live in our house.

He's been feeling a tad deflated over the winter months. 

But the prospect of a return to the water seems to have really puffed him up.

Big Willy, it's good to have you back.

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