Sunday, 21 August 2016

Portmagic plus

I've been lying very low to the ground since returning from our annual summer jaunt to Northern Ireland.  Well, I've been in bed sick for a lot of the time and that's fairly low to the ground.

Man flu.  Worse, probably.  But I'm not one for complaining (COUGH!)

Thankfully I'm now close to being back in the game so on we go.  Bravely. (Seriously, I'm such a trooper. COOUUGGGGHHHH!)

That's Jamie and Charlotte at Water World in Portrush a few days ago, together with their big cousin Katie.  They've gone there every summer for the past few.

The picture below was taken last year, and haven't they grown since?! (Answer: Yes, Barry).

Sadly last week was likely to be their final trip as the local council plans to close the place.    

But countless other leisure options will remain.

This was Katie and Jamie on the Ghost Train at Barry's last August.

What a "brave" boy,

Charlotte joined them this time.

No, really.

I promise.

She really is in there.

To be fair, Jamie was much more courageous on the Big Dipper which he's finally big enough to board.

Indeed, I had my first go in 25 years.

And credit where it's due.  I only sobbed just a little.

Charlotte also manned up too by going on the up-and-down thingy.

Although she did appear to regret her decision.

Elsewhere on the trip, we went to a farm,

To begin with, the petting Portakabin was everything you might expect. 

Until Jamie got his big snake out.


But it wasn't all about the kids,  Mrs White and I had a couple of nights out too.

Neptune and Prawn - the newest addition to the Ramore complex - instantly became our new favourite restaurant.   

(Agreement between us on such matters is not normal form, which tells you just how good it is). 

And we even finished up with a touch of the Caribbean at the nearby Atlantic Bar.

Northern Ireland truly has everything these days.

Needless to say, it also has Johnstons Bar which recently-appointed Northern Ireland Minister Kris Hopkins took the opportunity to visit.

You meet all sorts in there.

But back to the real kids.  

They had tremendous fun and were very sad to leave.

Our flights are already booked to see in the New Year.

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