Monday, 8 August 2016

I'm going to need a bigger gloat

We're not long back from a long weekend in North Yorkshire.  And I have returned as a serial killer.

The central purpose of our extended family trip was to join a major 80th birthday celebration for Vanessa's aunt Kate, in yellow.    

And it was great.  Charlotte, in particular, had much fun with girlie cousins from Malaysia and America who she'd not previously met.

But it was a boy adventure which stood out best for me.

We went to Kilnsey Park Trout Farm for a spot of fishing.

And you'll never guess what.  I caught some trout - three of them to be precise - and we ate them for tea.

This is Tommy.

He'd had a rough day.  Terry and Tabatha were just as tasty and went down well.

So have I found my hidden skill?  Sadly not.  I had to ask a teenager to kill and unhook each of my fish because I felt sorry for them.

 But still, it was a weekend to remember for all the right reasons.  Unless you were a fish.

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