Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Box clever

Yesterday we returned from almost a week in Northern Ireland and were immediately handed a problem.

I'd ordered a couple of bits from Amazon for Jamie for the forthcoming rugby season. However, aware that we'd be away, I asked for them to be left with our next door neighbours.

What I hadn't realised was that they were about to go away too. 

When we returned from our jaunt, I found a note from them advising that the parcel had been passed on to another neighbour.  The note gave her name but it meant nothing to me. So what to do? 

And then it came to me.

To their pleasant surprise, I invited Jamie and Charlotte to go into the front garden and have a water fight. And crucially, I insisted that they made as big a spectacle of themselves as they could and as much noise as they could manage. 

Our mystery neighbour appeared with the magic box within 20 minutes.

I truly am a genius. 

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