Sunday, 16 November 2008


Those kind people who took the time and trouble to check out this blog yesterday will have noticed the absence of a new post. This was not because of a lack of effort on my part.

I had this great idea, see. Following the success of Jamie's memorable scrap with Derek the Teddy the other day, I decided to set up and film a rematch (I'm 36 you know).

So, I got out Jamie's rubber ring, plunked him in it, added Derek to the mix and proceeded to film almost two minutes' worth of brutal combat. Excellent, all was going well.

I then wrote the text of the post and, last but most importantly, attempted to upload the fight footage. Unfortunately, after I'm sure well over four hours and probably 30 tries, I had to give up. Very annoying to say the least.

My mood wasn't raised by the All Blacks' early evening mauling of the Irish rugby team. Jamie hadn't yet seen the boys in green strut their stuff and I reckoned this game would provide an ideal opportunity for him to see them in action (which, coincidentally, meant I could watch too).

However, as the picture above shows, he quickly decided that he'd much rather look at me than at the telly.

But later, when I came to upload the photo on to my PC, I thought it would be interesting to flip it 180 degrees to see what he looked like the other way around.

The result - below - put the smile back on my face.

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  1. We thought that the excitement of Sir Terry and Pudsey Bear had caused you to need an ice bag on your forehead, and that was why your blog was missing!

    Malcolm, Dorothy & all.