Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I shall overcome

Every so often, this parenting caper risks catching up with me and tonight is one such occasion.

I was feeling good on Saturday but, just as I went to bed, I began to feel my old sinusitis problem coming back and, sure enough, I didn't get to sleep until around 6.30am - a few minutes before Jamie decided that he'd enough down time for one night.

In the end, I got about an hour and a half before rising to write my Gordon Brown article.

The plan was then to go into Leeds to buy some clothes - I feel like a scruff at the moment - and on to the gym before finishing off my day of action with some work on my sitcom. But it was never realistic. With the wind and rain beating off the windows, I decided that Sunday papers, tracksuit bottoms, chocolate and family were much more attractive options.

And despite adopting the "do nothing" approach on Sunday, I got up on Monday morning feeling more exhausted than ever after Jamie began to yelp from just before 6.

As a result, I decided to once again bin the gym in favour of more relaxation last night. But this morning, Jamie thought fit to surface at 5am, guaranteeing no more sleep and another long day ahead pour moi. And, having had to work a bit later today followed by yet another delayed train home (have I told you how much I hate Northern Rail?) meant no gym again tonight.

So tomorrow, it's time to get back in the game!

Feeling ever so slightly at risk of being dragged down, I say now, tomorrow I shall go to the gym, I shall not lag and I shall achieve! Hopefully...

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