Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Get your gums around that

I did make it to the gym tonight (hooray!) although managed to hurt my leg in the process (boo!) But not to worry, it's nothing serious and I do feel much better for it (or maybe it's just the two thirds of a bottle of red wine I've necked).

Earlier in the day, I picked up something from Boots which I thought Jamie might find useful. It's called a Multi Soothe Teether and it's supposed to help him when he's, well, teething.

It's the "Multi" aspect of this little doofer which makes it so special (according to the packet). Or to put it another way, "the unique combination of textured cooling and chewing surfaces [which] offer double relief." Yep, pretty impressive stuff.

OK, I'll tell you the real reason I got it. According to said packet, the Multi Soothe Teether, "encourages the production of more and better saliva to protect against cavities." I mean, knowing that, could you have resisted?

From now on, should Jamie be in a room with another baby (or, indeed, any other person) who doesn't own a Multi Soothe Teether, I can say with confidence that my son will have better quality spit than them. That's what I call a proper claim to fame and maybe even his first genuine step towards greatness.

By the way, you'll see above that Jamie's Multi Soothe Teether is blue in colour. This may not surprise you given that he is indeed a boy. However, when I first stumbled across the Multi Soothe Teether shelf in Boots in central Bradford whilst on a bored lunchtime walk, the only colour I could find was pink. This did not please me, particularly as it clearly displayed on all the pink packets that blue versions were available.

I therefore spent the next 25 minutes visiting two other Boots outlets in Bradford in search of a blue one - and I appear to have snaffled the last available.

There are just so many things that Jamie will want to thank me for in years to come.

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