Monday, 17 November 2008

I'm A Celebrity - I feel like a beer!

I've just made a very distressing discovery; Homer Simpson is the same age as me. I love Homer Simpson but I thought he must be at least 10 years older than me. Or, to put it another way, I thought I was at least 10 years younger than him. Very depressing (although at least I've still got my hair).

One way I try forlornly to hold on to my fading memories of youth is by watching silly programmes on TV and they don't come any sillier than I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here which, you may have noticed, has just started a new three-week run on ITV.

This is, without any shadow of a doubt, my favourite television programme - partly because loads of people I know (who don't watch the show) feel some sort of snooty compulsion to slag it off.

The programme is clearly not meant to be the height of sophistication and the joke is very much on the celebrities although the great joy is that so few of them seem to understand that point, making it even funnier still.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, for example, is an arse. We all know that and, I suspect deep down, even he knows that. And for as long as he stays in the show, the producers will do everything in their power to humiliate him, degrade him and make him look a fool - magnificent (even if he is set to walk off with a big cheque afterwards).

Then there's another of this year's campmates, Carly Zucker, the "personal trainer" and girlfriend of Chelsea footballer Joe Cole. We've only seen a bit of her so far (although I suspect we'll probably see quite a bit more as she attempts to avoid being voted out). But she is also an arse. The difference with her is that she clearly has not recognised this obvious fact about herself and is unlikely to do so in the coming days. However, rest assured that the producers will do their worst to leave us in no doubt - and that kind of thing makes me laugh (tragic, I know).

There are also some nice people in there too and, whilst they might have a difficult few weeks, they will emerge with credit and love (and, OK, their own big cheques and probably contracts for panto).

Anyway, I'll try not to write too much about the show over the next three weeks, but it's going to be very difficult and I thought you better know. Just one hour and four minutes to go... (come on, watch it with me!)

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